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Check PNR Status

PNR, which is basically Passenger Name Record is very commonly used term. PNR number is generated when you book your ticket, it is a 10 digit numeric series which is mentioned at the top left part of the railway ticket; in case you have an e-ticket the PNR is mentioned at the top in a separate box. The PNR number is record of confirmation regarding your travel, which in turn means that the central reservation system of India railways has all the required information about an individual or group travelling. The basic information like passenger’s name, date of journey, station name, gender, train number, age, berth preference, class and contact details are captured before generating a PNR number.

We have this wonderful platform helping you to confirm your reservation status or know your PNR status online. Simply put your PNR number and click on Get PNR Status; you will get the current status within seconds. Sometimes these PNR status plays a decisive role before you plan your travel.

In case the PNR status is waiting, one can do the follow-ups using the allotted Indian railway PNR status. We have an exclusive platform to help you verify your present IRCTC PNR status. If you have your 10 digit PNR number handy you can share the details and know if have your berth allotted against your name or not.

Check Indian Railway PNR Status Online

So, you can check your current railway ticket reservation status using PNR Number in the text box mentioned above. Please make sure you do not enter hyphen (-) or (.) or any special character in the text box, else you will not get the desired result. You can also get the PNR status alert on your mobile as well by using PNR your PNR number and send it to 139 SMS service.

Get your IRCTC Ticket PNR status Enquiry and enjoy your journey.

An Insight into the Importance of Railway PNR Status and Ways to Check It

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record that includes the entire journey details of the passenger. When a person books his/her railway ticket in Indian Railways, the information of the passenger is stored in the database of the centralized reservation system. This information includes the passenger’s name, age and gender.

It is very important to know the PNR status, as the trains have only a limited number of seats and you might not get a reserved ticket. In such a case, your booking is kept in waiting list (W/L) and gets confirmed only when other bookingsget cancelled. If you have boarded a train without a confirmed reservation then you are likely to pay a penalty for it and the ticket checker has the power to de-board you from the train. Thus, every passenger must ensure to check the PNR status before actually getting into the train.

In addition to this, passengers can locate the PNR number on their tickets itself. If you have bought the ticket from the railway station’s booking counter then you can find the PNR number on the top left corner of the ticket. However, if you have made a booking online then this number is displayed at the top of the E-ticket. Below discussed are some of the quick ways in which you can check the PNR status-

Ways to check PNR status
Over the years, there has been a great advancement in the technology. Exploiting the benefits of the same, Indian Railways has started offering different ways to check PNR status quickly. These ways have been discussed as under-

  • PNR status online- It is true that people today spend most of their time exploring the internet. Considering the same, Indian Railways has enabled the passengers to check the PNR status on its website. Passengers can visit the website of railways and check the booking status by entering the PNR number in the fields provided. Yes, checking PNR status online is very easy and can be done in just few clicks.
  • PNR status through SMS-Passengers can check their PNR status by sending a message to number assigned by Indian Railways. You just need to type the PNR code in order to acquire the PNR status. You will get the response immediately after sending the SMS. To know about the standard SMS codes, you can send a help message to another railway number.
  • PNR status on phone-Indian Railways has come out with a three digit helpline number 139. By dialing on this number through your landline or mobile, you can get the PNR status. In fact, you can change the language of interaction after connecting to the call.
  • PNR status in person- Thisis one of the oldest methods to check PNR status. You can simply visit the nearest railway station and approach the enquiry counter. You can just convey your PNR number to the concerned person at the counter and get the status of your PNR immediately.

Besides all the above discussed ways to check PNR status, passengers can also download the mobile application related to the same. It is true that various apps have been developed for smartphone users but by the unofficial sources. However, you can download one of these finest apps and get the entire information related to your railway ticket booking. If you are a frequent traveler then is just the perfect solution for you.

PNR status of waiting ticket

Many a times, passengers book their tickets with Indian Railways but their ticket is not confirmed. The Railways keep their ticket in the waiting listand it becomes hard for these passengers to check the confirmation of these tickets. Therefore, Indian Railways has come with a PNR status prediction tool through which travelers can get a prediction of the status of their waiting ticket. However, you must know that such PNR prediction probability is entirely based on algorithm and calculation. Thus, you should not completely rely on its results.

Once you have checked the prediction, you should wait for the Railways also to confirm the booking. You are suggested to board the train only after your waiting ticket is confirmed by the Railways. In fact, you can download the apps that are today available to check the same. You will just have to enter the PNR number of waiting ticket in the input box given and then click on the submit button. Here you go! The status will be right in front of you.

It is sure that you must have attained a great knowledge about the PNR status and other important details related to Indian Railways. So, the next time when you are ready to travel with your bags packed, do not forget to check the PNR status. Have a happy journey!

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